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August 23, 2023
By Bill Meyer, Sr. Director PR & Communications, Supernova Academy

Supernova Academy had the privilege of participating in Critical Creative Innovative Thinking (CCIT) Forum’s recent Med Jack webinar, MedEdXcellence: Transforming Undergrad Medical Education.

The webinar examined how augmented reality-based solutions are evolving the student learning experience, and why they are playing a critical role in changing medical science from a disease-centric to a patient-centric treatment approach.

Augmented reality technology is opening doors to integrating Humanities, Arts and Sciences into medical science to help drive a more patient-centric approach, and shifting away from the commonly practiced disease-centric approach. Implementing “design thinking” is critical to this patient approach, providing a more diversified medical education and human centric care for the patient.

The event was moderated by Dr. Asad Mian, Director of Innovation at CCIT, with co-panelists Dr. Sadaf Khan Associate Dean of Undergrad Studies at Aga Khan University, and Irfan Khan, CEO and founder of Supernova Academy.

If you missed the live webinar, we invite you to view the recorded event.

Discover how ground-breaking technology that utilizes cutting-edge augmented reality can create new experiences for students and bring immense change – and a profound advantage — to the medical education industry.