Welcome to the world of an immersive learning experience with Augmented Reality!

Supernova Academy Inc. a recent startup, located in Southern California announced the launching of their education platform based on immersive and interactive learning experience based on Augmented Reality.

AR is a technology that enhances or augments your experience of the world around you. Digital information is superimposed over a natural existing environment. Information is tailored to the user’s physical position as well as the context of the task, thereby helping the user to visualize and solve the problem and complete the task

The platform is based on the premise that visual learning is the best since human eye can process 36000 images per hour! The company offers a multitude of services including education in project management, aerospace, construction, manufacturing and medical sectors, development of Augmented Reality models and program management support.

“We are incredibly proud to be the pioneers and excited to be part of this game changing journey, where it is estimated that globally, we would spend $ 1 trillion by 2030!” said Irfan Khan, the company’s CEO.

Supernova is committed to finding innovative solutions in the education arena and hopes to spearhead the transformation.

Development of AR models for product development and validation will be a great leap towards enhanced design and reduced time to market

Supernova is sponsoring at strategic conferences and participating in speaking events such as AI42022 at MGM Las Vegas.

Supernova Academy Inc. embarks on a journey with PMI LA

Supernova Academy Inc., a leader in immersive and interactive education based on Augmented Reality is proud to announce their strategic partnership with Project Management Institute, Los Angeles chapter in providing development programs in project management and lean six sigma green belt certification. Early discussions have been in place since June 2022 as both organizations assessed the integration of visual learning into the chapter. PMI LA caters to an estimated 2000+ project management professionals by providing an open forum for education, networking and advances related to technology and methodologies. PMI LA has been a very active chapter, bringing in elite speakers from a cross section of industries including defense & aerospace, manufacturing, process improvement/Lean Six Sigma, construction and healthcare allowing the members to expand their horizon and grow personally and professionally.

Irfan Khan, the CEO at Supernova Academy Inc. delivered a virtual webinar to the members of PMI LA in July with the topic “Augmented Reality based education in project management and process improvement” and it was very well received and commented that AR technology is a game changer.

“Supernova is doing fascinating work in the Project Management arena!” said Deby Covey, the acting president at PMI LA referring to the demo of the platform at a Supernova sponsored event in June.

With this strategic partnership, Supernova is in a pristine position to educate the new graduates and working professionals to learn the concepts and apply practical knowledge, projects can be completed seamlessly. Project teams spread across the globe can collaborate effortlessly using the AR models. The teams can share product design(s) and analyze a virtual 3D model using just any mobile device (IOS and Android), very early in the development cycle reducing risk and time to market. This allows projects to be completed ahead of schedule and under budget!

Supernova will be sponsoring at PMI global symposium at Caeser’s Palace in Las Vegas in December and will be unveiling the latest visual technologies.