Definitive Human


For the last decade, the School of Simulation and Visualisation (SimVis) at the Glasgow School of Art has been undertaking pioneering work within the field of medical visualisation.

In recent years, a multidisciplinary team of 3D modellers, programmers, artists, anatomists and psychologists have developed an interactive accurate model of the human body. This project, The Definitive Human, has a single goal: to improve health care education. The project was supported by the Scottish Funding Council, the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh, NHS Education Scotland, the University of Glasgow and the Fulbright Commission.

The interactive 3D models developed by SimVis ensures that medical students and health care professionals are no longer dependent on 2D static images from expensive textbooks. Installing Definitive Human on their computer enables them to naturally interact with complex 3D anatomical structures significantly improving their understanding of the composition and structure of the human body.



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